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Why You Should Cycle To Work

The changing lifestyle patterns in the modern world has led to more sedentary living that is the root cause of most problems including overweight, heart issues, immunity problems, and others.

One solution that is simple, realistic, and actionable is cycling to work. Well, cycling benefits surpass health considerations. Here are ten reasons why you should consider cycling to work every day.

Saving money

Biking to work will save you a lot of money. Every year, many households spend an average of $1,962 on motor oil and gasoline. Remember this is not all.

The cost goes up when you include expenses incurred on parking, repairs, maintenance, and insurance. However, a bike is cheap and has very minimal maintenance that will help to cut the costs mentioned above on vehicles.


If you are using your car, most of the parking space is usually taken by the time you get to work. Accordingly, you have to take additional time looking for parking which can be very inconveniencing.

However, getting a space to park a bike is as easy as identifying the next pole. Notably, many companies are now including biking space so that you can simply cycle in and get to your office more conveniently.


One thing that people who cycle to work concur is that there is a great sense of freedom associated with it. Just like a teenager rides and feels the greatness of every moment, you will get back all the energy and thrill you had in your younger years.

You can cycle through routes that a car cannot or even take a different direction to home every day. What a great way to enjoy the neighbourhood.

The best way to a reduce your carbon footprint

About 30% of greenhouse gases are emitted from cars, public transport, and trucks. A single car will emit about 1.2 pounds of carbon dioxide every mile.

The impact of global warming are being felt far and wide, and everybody has a role in fixing the issue.

By cycling to work, you will have reduced your carbon footprint, and the effort will be very helpful. Make sure to tell a colleague, a friend, and everybody you meet to also start cycling and cut greenhouse gases with a huge margin.

Better health

Health benefits are very pronounced to cyclists compared to other people. By cycling to work every day, you burn extra calories that could have been packed to grow your weight.

Cycling further helps to exercise every part of the body which enhance better blood circulation, stronger bones, and lean muscles development. If you cycle to work regularly, the chances are that you do not require going to a gym.

Fell happier

When people cycle to work, the feeling that they are healthier, making a saving, and contributing towards a greener planet makes them feel very happy.

Besides, cycling helps to enhance better blood circulation, enhances clearing of toxins from the body, and keeps your mind feeling fresh all time. You will suffer less stress, complete tasks faster, and enjoy raised productivity that will make you even happier.

Bike Options for Commuting To a Place of Work

What is the best bike for cycling to work? This is the question that many keep asking after deciding to cycle to work every day.

The ideal bike for you depends on an individual situation including personal taste, distance to be covered every day, terrain, and road surfaces. The following are top bike options that you should consider when looking for a bike to cycle to work.

Best all round bikes (flat-bar/hybrid bikes)

These bikes combine the upright cycling position with speed of narrow wheeled models. Note that even in this category; you still get a number of variations to select what fits well with your situation. For example, if you drive on excellent roads and want to cycle very fast to work, it is better to go for a more upright design and not drop handlebars.

For example, if you drive on excellent roads and want to cycle very fast to work, it is better to go for a more upright design and not drop handlebars.

By bringing the special tires of 29er mountain bikes, the rider is sure of a better grip on the path and special thrill every day when going to work. If you take some time to search, you can also get a belt drive hybrid bike that will make your ride easier and faster.

While the hybrid bikes are quick and versatile, they can also be very fragile and need good care.

Folding bikes

Folding bikes are ideal for people who only cycle short distances or need to use different types of transport. For example, if you need to use the train, the folding bike is great because it will take limited space.

Others will even fold to fit in your desk so that you do not have to worry about parking or theft.

While the older folding designs had a lot of limitations, the new models are nippy and work perfectly well as far as the tires are well inflated. Though their small wheels are susceptible to holes, you will find the bikes enthralling especially in the city where roads are smooth.

Town bikes

These bikes are ideal for classic town riding that bring together a leisurely outlook, relaxed riding, and limited maintenance.

They are ideal if you want to ride on short distances to work and when exploring the town. They come with mud guards to protect your clothes, mucky chain, panniers, and a hub gear. The downside of these bikes is that they are heavy and not ideal for those living in hilly areas.

Their heavily built body makes them less ideal if you want to cycle in a hilly side every day.

Electric bikes

If your ride to work involves going up the hill, a better option would be an electric bike. The bike is fitted with a boost of 250 watts motor that will take you up the hill comfortably. They are designed to deliver extra comfort so that you can get to work feeling fresh and not worked out.

The only con is that they are relatively heavier because of the additional engine which you have to carry everywhere you go. However, latter models are even lighter and more enjoyable.

Fixed gear bikes

These bikes are ideal for those who do not want to keep worrying so much about regular maintenance. Their design borrows much from track racers and that have no fly wheel.

Therefore, you must peddle to be on the move. As a result, they deliver a unique level of connection, control, and efficiency. Notably, this bike is not ideal for beginners but will be very fast when used by experienced cyclists.

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